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Company Profile

FOSHAN SUNTEM MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD is a manufacturer that integrates research, development, production and selling.

This company has been developed from a directional processing enterprise to become a professional medical apparatus manufacturer. It owns multiple products which gain the approval from every dentist and the market. Main products as follows: dental unit, oral endoscope, E.N.T. unit and so on.

Our company owns modern factory equipment, advanced processing technology, and abundant human resource that a group of young and highly motivated technical personnel who have comprehensive technology, to create the high quality products of Suntem. "Fashion and health" is the aim of every Suntem's staff.

Our company has passed Quality System Certifications, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The products has obtained the CE Certificate. We sincerely wish to cooperate with friends all over the world, get progress together, to provide medical apparatus which are more professional, more advanced and more modern to the dentists, thereby to provide the better service for the patients.


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